Adult Incontinence

The Basics. Five things to remember.

The basic 5 things to remember

  • The average AI shopper purchases 3-4 times a month, which means he makes frequent visits to the store and buys product on a regular basis
  • Only 2 in 10 sufferers use speciality products. This is due to product disappointment in the past, embarrassment and lack of clarity. Education and recommendations by pharmacists and pharmacy staff is a key source of information
  • 72% of AI shoppers want information about the product at shelf to aid self-selection. Clear POS will help her understand the category
  • Some shoppers feel embarrassed and reluctant to spend more time than absolutely necessary at the fixture. By simplifying the selection process within AI, she will be able to find the right product in a quick and efficient manner
  • Heavy absorbency (+6 drops) is the fastest growing segment within the AI Category, so ensure to stock up on these products

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