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Gillette unveils new Justice League gift packs ahead of movie release

The world’s leading expert in men’s grooming has launched five new limited-edition gift packs

Ahead of the UK release of the Warner Bros. Pictures ‘Justice League’ movie (17 November), Gillette, the world’s leading expert in men’s grooming, has unveiled five new, limited-edition gift packs to the Grocery sector.

In the major multiples now until January 2018, the gift packs are available across the Gillette range, including the Mach 3 Turbo, Flexball, ProShield and ProShield Chill products.

Featuring the stars of the movie, the Justice League gift packs start with a RRP of £11.99 and include a razor, as well as blades, foams and gels.

The launch of the new packs will be supported by a social influencer campaign, with three globally-renowned vloggers, including Jim Chapman, undergoing an ‘extreme day’ to mimic the conditions faced by each of the Justice League superheroes, such as zip lining, hand-to-hand combat and indoor skydiving. A customer competition will also run to offer consumers the chance to win a private screening of the movie at their local cinema.

The Mach 3 Turbo Justice League VR Gift Set includes a virtual reality headset, which customers can use to enjoy the content on the Gillette and Warner Brothers ‘Justice League VR’ app[1].

Hiran Adhia, Gillette Portfolio Assistant Brand Manager, said: “These limited-edition gift packs are the ideal present for superhero fans ahead of the release of the Justice League movie, especially as we move closer to the festive season. Available across the major supermarkets, the packs offer added-value for consumers that will stand-out on the shelves, as well as bringing VR into your shopping basket.

“Gillette manufactures its precision engineered products in its Advanced Grooming Studies labs around the globe, with the new gift packs providing ‘The Best a Super Hero Can Get’.” 

 Gillette Justice League Packs 


Benefits of Razor


Mach 3 Turbo Justice League VR Gift Set

Includes 2X more Skin Guard fins for a smooth shave[2]

Feels better after 10 shaves than a disposable does on its first[3]


Flexball Justice League Gift Set

Flexball Technology makes maximum contact[4] over contours and gets virtually every hair


ProShield Justice League Starter Pack

Fusion ProShield lubrication before and after the blades helps to shield from irritation when shaving


ProShield Chill Justice League Starter Pack

Chill features Cooling Technology during the shave.


ProShield Chill Justice League Gift Set

As above

£22.99 (Exclusive to Superdrug)



[1] Available now for free download via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

[2] Compared to MACH3.

[3] Overall preference vs. Blue II Plus® Disposable

[4] Compared to Fusion Razors

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